Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cooking (if you want to call it that)...

OK, so what comes to mind when you think of cooking dinner this evening? Does it make you want to curl up into a ball and cry a little? For some of you, cooking is a passion. It is something you love to do. Plain and simple, you get pure joy out of taking a few raw ingredients and turning them into a work of culinary art. For others, just the thought of stepping foot into the kitchen intimidates the heck out of you. I mean, think about it: once you get in there, where will you even begin? And, good gracious, who will clean up the mess when you’re finished? No thanks, not worth it.

Those of you who know me personally know that I am a Director with The Pampered Chef. To say that I love my job is a huge understatement! I have so much fun at my Cooking Shows, helping people realize that cooking can be quick, simple, and inexpensive. And honestly, what I do can not even be considered “cooking” sometimes. Seriously, dumping 3 ingredients into a baker and popping it into the microwave…how easy is that? Often times when I am looking at a recipe, I am thinking to myself, "What if I add a little of this, too?" or "I wonder if I really need that ingredient?" Hence, the title of this blog is born. My curiosity sometimes turns great recipes into amazing ones, and sometimes...not so much. :/ This blog is a way for you to get an inside look at the recipes I try out everyday. I'll show you what works and what doesn't, where you can take short-cuts and where you cannot afford to. Keep in mind that these recipes can all be prepared in under 30 minutes, use ingredients that you can actually pronounce and find easily in your grocery store, and most cost around $3/serving to prepare. You cannot beat that! With our current economy, everyone is trying to eat at home more. Did you know that your family can save on average over $2000 a year by cutting out just one restaurant meal a week? That is simply astounding to me! On this blog I will be posting new recipes as well as some of my favorites, along with pictures of finished dishes as well as cooking tips to help you create the same recipe on your own.

Get ready, because cooking (if you want to call it that) just got a whole lot simpler!


  1. Wow! I never knew cooking (if you een want to call it that) could be so simple! Whoda thunk!

  2. Girl, this blog is SO good. Contrary to so many blogs I found my self "feasting" on every word! I look forward to YOU teaching ME how to cook. Isn't that a little backwards?? I love you and congratulations! Mother

  3. hey there courtney! so glad you have a blog too! mine is if you want to check it out as well :)